Clay Molding - Aiber 4pcs Set Metal Ball Stylus Clay Pottery Ceramics Doll Sculpting Modeling Tools

Each set contains 4 DOUBLE ended metal ball tools made from stainless steel and feature a SOFT GRIP handle. Tools are designed for Shaping, Frilling and Moulding. 4 Pieces double-ended metal ball tools (8 metal balls in 8 different sizes) Package Included: 4x Ball Stylus Clay Sculpting Tool AIBER brand


Clay Molding - Diy Colorful Clay, Ciaraq Creative Street Model Clay, Soft Molding Craft Oven Baking Clay,36 Colors,36 Blocks Includes Project Booklet,tools,accessories Package.

❦ Features ☞ Soft, Environmentally Friendly, Non-toxic, Bright colors, Texture ☞ Made of Natural Materials, is not Easy to be Caused by Oxidation Cracking Fade ☞ Ideal DIY materials, is Conducive to the Development of Children's Comprehensive Perception ❦ Specification ☞ Material: Soft Polymer Clay ☞ Colors: 36 colors ☞ Each Block Weight: 20g (0.7 Ounces) ☞ Package Weight: 890g (2 Lb) ❦ Package Include: 1 x Set of 36 Colors Polymer Clay Modelling 1 x Professional Project Booklet 5 x Pcs Plastic Clay Tool 1 x Set of Accessories ❦ How To Use: 1. Just a few basic tools to get started: a smooth work surface (marble, glass), an oven, some  ...


Clay Molding - Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay (5lb)

Used by creature designers and monster makers across the globe, Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay is a re-usable professional oil/wax based sculpting medium featuring a super smooth, low tack, low melting temperature formulation. Monster clay is non-toxic and sulfur free, can be used with platinum silicone molding compounds, and can be re-used and re-melted indefinitely. Much like taffy, Monster Clay exhibits a unique elastic quality when warm. Monster clay melts easily to a pourable consistency and is great for making copies of life casts where changes are needed. Each 5lb tub of Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay is individually packaged in a convenient, oven-safe container. What's more, Monster Clay has a lower density than average oil based clay,  ...


Clay Molding - Model Air Dry Modeling Clay, White

Model Air is a lightweight and durable air dry clay. It is very easy to smooth and is extremely pliable. Model Air is perfect for school projects, jewelry, sculptures and more.


Clay Molding - Meuxan 31pcs Clay Sculpting Tools Pottery Carving Tool Set

What You Can Do with Meuxan 31Pcs Tool Set - Clay Color Shapers: Remove fingerprints and blemishes from the surface of clay or for color shaping, blending and drawing - Clay Hole Cutters: Cut circular holes - Ball Stylus: Make dots, smooth lines in clay or emboss on soft metal or paper - Wooden Sculpture Knives: For clay modeling, scraping, smoothing, shaping and cutting - Sculpting Tools: For clay sculpting, brushing, cleaning and more SPECIFICATION - Dimensions: 13CM - 20CM - Materials: Metal and Wood WHAT YOU GET - 31 PCS Sculpting Tool Set CAUTION - These items contain functional sharp points and should not be used by young children. - Adult supervision is  ...


Clay Molding - Crayola Air-dry Clay, White, 5 Lb. Resealable Bucket, Great For Classroom, Educational, Art Tools

Super smooth crayons formulated to glide across the page for a fun coloring experience. Requires no sharpening or label peeling-- simply twist barrel to advance stick. Can be used on paper, foil, cardboard, foam, poster board, sandpaper, paper towels, waxed paper and more. Comes in a reusable store pouch and each crayon has a child-safe Snap-On cap that prevents drying. Color(s): 12 Assorted; Assortment: Black; Blue; Brown; Gold; Green; Orange; Red; Silver; Sky Blue; Violet; White; Yellow; Crayon Size: N/A; Size Group: Standard.


Clay Molding - Diy Colorful High Quality Clay, Ciaraq Creative Street Model Clay, Soft Molding Craft Oven Baking Clay And Kits, Tutorials, Accessories, Best Kids Gifts For Christmas.

Features1. Feel delicate moderate, environmentally friendly, Non-toxic, Bright colors, Texture2. Made of Natural Materials, is not easy to be caused by oxidation cracking fade. 3. Ideal DIY materials, is conducive to the development of children's comprehensive perception. Specification ◆ Material: soft clay◆ Weight: 1.25 Ib◆ Product Size: 3 * 4 * 1 cm / 1.18 * 1.57 * 0.393 inch◆ Packing size 20 * 14 * 2 cm / 7.87 * 5.51 * 0.78 inch◆ Colors: 24 colors Package Includes 24 pcs Clay blocks, Project Booklet, tools, Accessories package.How To Use 1. Just a few basic tools to get started: a smooth work surface (marble, glass), an oven, some shaping tools.2. Make the polymer clay shaped what you want,it  ...


Clay Molding - Sago Brothers Modeling Clay Air Dry Ultra Light Molding Magic Clay 24 Colors, Best Kids Gifts Ever

There are so many pack of clay with bright and vibrant colors that kids can have great fun from (almost every color in the rainbow), kids can use the clay to create some ornaments or whatever they can imagine, the project they made is gonna be awesome! Also this modeling clay can keep your kids away from electronics, this can help them develop their creativity and imagination while play based learning. Package included: - 24 pack of modeling clay (in 24 colors), each individual clay is 0.7 ounces - Some decoration tools, like googly eyes, key chains and so on - Some small tools help shaping - A project booklet - Sealed bags  ...


Clay Molding - Aurora Sculpting And Molding Air Dry Clay - 5lb

This popular artist supply was originally developed for use in modeling animatronics, claymation, claytoons and sometimes to cast monster masks. It is safe and can be used as a childrens modeling clay. A growing number of professionals including clay art therapists and taxidermists are choosing this clay. This moist water based clay is extremely versatile with plasticity properties similar to many of today's most popular oil based clays. Like any water based clay, this clay needs to be kept moist to prevent hardening, preferably with a spray bottle or a damp towel. Saran wrap is also commonly used.


Rotary Tool Bits - Drillpro 6pcs 1/4' 6mm Shank Engraving Bit Cutter, Burr Wood Carving Rotary Tools - Milling Cutter Hss Carbide Cutter Rotary File Set

Description: Condition:100% brand new and high quality Color: as the picture Shank Diameter: 6mm, 1/4" Quantity: 6 pcs Material: High speed steel Type: Rotary Burr Overall Length:about 53-55mm Application: suitable for grinding metal, plastic, wood soft metal etc. Application of machine tool:Electric grinder Packing list: 6pcs Rotary Burr Set


Rotary Tool Bits - Mastercraft Rotary Tool Accessory Kit ,500 Pieces

The 500-pc. Mastercraft Rotary Bit Set is great to have around whenever you have small jobs to do around the house. It includes rotary tool accessories for sanding, grinding, polishing, engraving and cutting. The carrying case flips up like a tackle box, making it easy to find the bits you need for the job.


Rotary Tool Bits - Se Ss45hs 5-piece High-speed Steel Saw Blades Set With 2 Mandrels

SE is proud to present our 5-Piece High-Speed Steel Saw Blades Set with 2 Mandrels. Our blades are great to use on wood, plastic, and other soft materials. Features of this SE Set: (1) 1” Diameter Saw Blade – 36 Teeth (2) 1-1/4” Diameter Saw Blade – 56 Teeth (3) 1-1/2” Diameter Saw Blade – 36 Teeth (4) 1-3/4” Diameter Saw Blade – 74 Teeth (5) 2” Diameter Saw Blade – 48 Teeth (6) Arbor Diameter: 1/4" (7) Thickness: 0.8mm (8) 2 Mandrels with 1/8” Shank Diameters Caution: (1) Maximum working speeds are not to exceed 20,000 RPM. (2) Do not use  ...


Rotary Tool Bits - Pro-quality 20-piece Diamond Bur Set For Rotary Tool - Glass, Stone, Ceramic

Professional Quality, 1/8 in. Shank, 180 Grit. Includes 20 assorted shapes covered with diamond particles. All bits have 1/8 in. shanks and come in convienient plastic holder. Excellent for fine detail work, cutting, engraving, carving, touch-up and finishing. Use on wood, jade, ceramic, glass, hardened steel, semi-precious stones and other hard materials.


Rotary Tool Bits - Spta 10pcs Hss Router Carbide Engraving Bits & 5pcs Drill Bit-1/8"(3mm) Shank For Proxxon Dremel Rotary Tools For Diy Woodworking, Carving, Engraving, Drilling

10Pcs TitaniumHSS Router Carbide Engraving Bits & 5Pcs 3mm Twist Drill Bit For Dremel Rotary Tools-1/8" (3mm) Shank Come With One SPTA Silicone Wristbands Material:High-Speed-Steel(HSS) Color:Silver as the picture showed Feature: A pack of Ten 1/8" (3mm) carbide engraving bits single flute replacements for your CNC machinery, these long-lasting bits are made from high quality carbide for a precise, easy cutting experience Non-stick knives, smoke-free, tasteless, mute, mirror grinding process design Large capacity chip groove, and spiral cutting edge sharp, greatly enhance the efficiency and quality of products Package include: 1 Set of 10pcs of 1/8" Carbide Engraving Bits 5Pcs 3mm Twist Drill Bit   ...


Rotary Tool Bits - 10 Pcs 1/8 Shank Abrasive Mounted Stone Rotary Tool Grinding Wheels Bit Set For Dremel

Features: High hardness, durable, not easy to wear. Abrasive cutting edge sharp, edges are maintain good. Mainly used DIY grinding, polishing / jade, jade, wood, metal, mold polishing, power tools matching, and other materials, renovated, polishing, grinding. Package include: 10pcs Abrasive Mounted Stone Rotary Tool Set


Rotary Tool Bits - Atoplee 10pcs 1/8" Shank Tungsten Steel Solid Carbide Rotary Files Diamond Burrs Set Fits Dremel Rotary Tool For Woodworking Drilling Carving Engraving

Specification: Shaft Diameter: 3mm Drill Bit Size: 6mm Compatibility: smaller rotary tools such as those made by dremel. Included: 10 Tungsten Steel Solid Burrs in a Storage Box It is recommended to use water as a lubricant when using these burrs. All burrs in this set have a shank size of ⅛" (3 mm), allowing them to be compatible with most die grinders and rotary tools as you shape, grind and finish your work with precision. When the job or project is complete, you'll be happy to place your burrs back into the compact storage case so you can store, organize, and transport this set for future use. Package Included: 10pcs Rotary  ...


Rotary Tool Bits - Workpro W124003a 276-piece Rotary Tool Accessories Kit Universal Fitment For Easy Cutting, Carving And Polishing

(52) sanding bands (40) sanding discs (40) sanding disc with back adhesive (36) emery cut-off wheels (1) polishing compound (16) fiberglass cut-off wheels (4) flap wheel (8) felt polishing wheels (1) felt tip (6) silicon carbide grinding wheels (6) aluminum oxide grinding wheels (6) white alundum grinding wheels (2) diamond wheels (1) dressing stone (3) collets (1) wrench (2) rubber emery wheels (12) diamond-point drill bit (9) HSS twist drill bits (3) mandrel wheels (3) sanding shanks (1) sucking disc (6) rubber grinding stones (4) silicon carbide grinding stones (6) aluminum oxide grinding stones (1)  ...


Rotary Tool Bits - Se 82331tf 30-piece Set Of Titanium-coated Diamond Burrs, Grits 120-150

SE is proud to bring you this professional assortment of 30 Titanium-Coated Diamond Burrs, 120-150 Grit—great for filing glass, ceramics, tile, brick, plastics, wood, fiberglass, stone, rock carbide, gold, platinum, silver, metals, and anything with a hard surface. This master set comes highly recommended for jewelers, lapidary use, hobbies, crafts, craft modeling, home repair, and so much more. Includes various sizes of the following shapes: Ball Cone Rounded Cylinder Flat Top Cylinder Tapered Needle Point It is recommended to use water as a lubricant when using these burrs. All burrs in this set have a shank size of ⅛" (3 mm), allowing them to be compatible with  ...


Rotary Tool Bits - Se Ra9228 228-piece Rotary Tool Accessories Kit

SE is proud to present our 228-Piece Rotary Tool Accessories Kit—an expansive set that includes sanding bands, mandrels, cut-off wheels, grinding stones, polishing wheels, woolen wheels, woolen points, silicon carbide, dressing stone, sanding discs, brushes, burrs, drills, and polishing paste. Keep it all organized in the wooden storage box included with the kit. Use your set for home improvement, hobby, craft and whenever you need to polish, grind, drill, cut, engrave, and more. Rotary tool is not included. Important: Avoid getting counterfeit items. Genuine SE products come with our SE logo on the packaging. SE products are quality items for extremely reasonable prices. SE is committed to providing the customer with  ...


Wholesale Florist Supplies - (100) Silk Light Rainbow Roses Flower Head - 1.75" - Artificial Flowers Heads Fabric Floral Supplies Wholesale Lot For Wedding Flowers Accessories Make Bridal Hair Clips Headbands Dress

You will receive (100) Rose Heads (No Clips) with Florist Brand package individually as shown. Mini Size, Each head is approximately 1.75 inches across, Made from Synthetic Silk polyester And Made in Singapore. - Good Ideas for embellishing weddings, parties, hair clips, headbands, hats, clothes, bows, craft work.


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